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How to select the plush toys Ⅱ ?

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How to select the plush toys?  (Part two)

Plush toys are also the most popular in children's toys, but also many adults like to use them as the interior decoration in their house or in their cars. The inferior plush toys are easily hidden dust, formaldehyde, bacteria on the surface and can lead to health and safety hazards. So, there are some recommendations from our David’s Goods Company which can help you select plush toys.


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1. When you choose and buy plush toys, you can open the packaging for odor and smell the eye stimulation, formal qualified toys should be no special odor, odorous don't buy as much as possible.

2. To check all the toys inside filling material, to determine whether the fillers for scrap materials, whether they contain unhealthy stuff.

3. Try to buy fluffy and easy cleaning cloth toys. After purchasing, you should go home give children to play after cleaning, and regular cleaning and disinfection.


BTW, the market should be strictly wholesale channels, select the product of normal manufacturer at the time of purchasing which can have a request of formaldehyde in r plush and fabric toys and offer the test report of them.