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Toys are the angel of children

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Toy is children's angels ", American psychologist said, the best of learning thing for children is to stimulate interest in learning material. Therefore, the value of toys is not on the basis of price, but as children can stimulate interest and promote child independent activity as the standard. In the process with playing with toys, our company, David’s Goods Company have these following tips may help:

1. When they focus to play with toys, parents and teachers should be an observer, quietly watching their behavior, not to tie up children's ideas.
2. When children have new experience, we should encourage and appreciate it, try to create a loose atmosphere to inspire them to obtain more new experience.

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3. Pay attention to sum up the observation rules, manipulative abilities and recreate rules in the process of game. And we need to timely guide and cultivate children's self-confidence, making toys become the child's angel.
4. As parents, you should try to read relevant books about the growth of children so that you can understand the characteristics of the child's mental development. Also, you can properly use some strategy of delayed gratification to help them become the child's psychological health trainers and let children grow up in the interaction of toys.

5. You should participate in the process of playing toys with children at the appropriate time so that you can be the one who can do a concept of sharing and cooperation. In this way, you also can help them learn the abilities of communication, sharing, be in turning. What’s more, you can get into the children’s psychological world with the help of toys.