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The vinyl part used in vinyl toys

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Tangjiao process generally used for processing toy doll (general is hollow, it has solid), some products out of the toy doll Tangjiao all ferrite, some just a toy doll body part or parts (such as the doll head, limbs, etc.).


Reminder: Vinyl toys relatively soft, easy to be children often extrusion or into the mouth bite. While the harmful component and surface vinyl material in the harmful pigment after repeated exposure will influence character by environment into the children's body, accumulated to a certain extent will produce toxins. If the vinyl pieces of material can not afford to wear, easy to break, easy to make original exposed risk exposure. If children come into contact with the broken vinyl dolls, will be very easy to grow and cut the risk of. If a child swallowed to vinyl pieces of broken after, it can easily produce dangerous or poisoning suffocation.