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The security hidden danger of toys for children

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 The security hidden danger of toys for children

1. The main consumer groups are children.
Children in physical and mental immature makes them the most susceptible to damage. Playing game is the nature of children and toy is children's most intimate partner. Toy quality is unqualified, will endanger their health and security of person.
2. The quality problem of the toy is mainly manifested in the following respects.
A. the product design is not reasonable; or manufacturing process is not standards.
B. because the raw materials is used in the production of toys or surface coatings such as terminal the harmful metals which exceeds a certain amount. Also can give users a threat.
C. as the constant progress of the times, the kinds of toys and function increase and use also more complicated than before. Toy complicated inevitably brings many problems in use.

But in our company, David’s Goods Company, both of our product in fit for the international standards with EN-71,ASTM , ROHS certifications.

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