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The Growth Function for Baby about Toys

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 The Growth Function for Baby about Toys

As our company, David’s Goods Company opinions, baby toys have a huge advantages for children. Here are the virtues.

1.       Baby toys can arouse the enthusiasm of children activities.
The children are implemented in the event of physical and mental development. Toys for children's can move, manipulate, and use freely, which conforms to the children's mental interests and ability levels. Also, they can meet the needs of their activities, boost the enthusiasm of the activity. Baby toys not only satisfy the requirement of their activities, and cause them to produce a positive happy mood.

2.       Baby toys, can increase the perceptual knowledge.
Toy has the characteristics of visual image, children can feel, look, listen, blowing, etc. which is good for a variety of sensory training. In the development of sensory and motor ability, baby toys not only enrich the children's perceptual knowledge, and help children get the impression that in life, when children failed to contact real life, they are to know the world by toys.

3.       Baby toys can cause children's associative activity about.

Such as hospital of toys, they can make children associate the hospital and family so that they can carry out the creative role play. Some toys are specially used for thinking training which can improve children's analysis, comprehensive, comparison, judgment, reasoning ability, cultivating depth, flexibility and agility of thinking.

4.       Baby toys is good for improving the activities of thinking and imagination.

For some toys, children need to have a conception to imagine and select the material for achieving the established purpose. When they are playing with toys, they may have some difficulties, these difficulties requires that they must rely on own strength to overcome, and stick to complete the task, and cultivate the excellent quality to overcome difficulties and strive forward.

5.       It can help them develop the collective concept and spirit of cooperation.
Some of the toys is a common use for children. Such as "phone toy”, they want to have people on both sides of the phone, and even have a pager, can help children to understand the learning life experience, practice and peer cooperation. And for some toys, it will require many children collective use, children in a jump ball game, coordinate each other's movements, improve the collective idea