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How to choose the best quality of plastic toys?

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How to choose the best quality of plastic toys?  


The plastic toys are brightly colored and have different kinds of modelling and resistance to fall off so that almost every mother will prepare them for the babies. Babies can exercise their action and language abilities in the process of playing with them. That is a lot of good, but must not be neglected the toy safety. How to choose high quality safety of plastic toys? Let us take a look at our five aspects of the suggestions from our david's goods company.


1.Pay attention to glossiness and brightness. Because the high quality plastic toys are usually made of PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials. While many inferior toys usually adopt waste plastics recycling and processing of materials, color and luster is poor after reprocessing. Although it not necessarily can ensure the safety of color and luster is good, but poor gloss, are unsafe products.


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2.    Pay attention to the thickness. The biggest characteristic of plastic toys is finished products or components of disposable injection molding. If the inside of plastic toys, it is easy to be broken when the baby play.

3.    Pay attention to the 3C certification and label instructions. Look at the 3C certification and label instructions. 3C is short for China Compulsory product Certification. Regulations of the state, plastic toys should pass the national mandatory product certification so that they can get "CCC" mark. If there is no 3C certification in the product packaging that means the product is fake and inferior products.

4.    Smell of them. Toys, with pungent odor may contain harmful substances. Therefore, our David’s Goods Company suggests that we smell them when you are buying toys. Before babies playing, you can wash and dry them. If the toys can tolerate high temperature, you also can boil them.

5.    Try to play with the toys before the babies start to play with them. For security reason, you’d better have a try with the toys to make sure the safety and whether is suitable for babies. You can shake the toys to see the parts of them to confirm the safety.